December 12, 2021

2022-01-17 | 20:35:19

"A friendly local groceries store where you can get fresh meat and deli cuts as well as fresh fried chicken and oh my is it good delicious pizza. They're always friendly and offer competitive prices."
December 3, 2021

2022-01-17 | 20:35:36

"Horner’s has been a respectable family owned business for a long time. They have the best fresh meat in town and will cut the meat to your liking. They also serve fresh hot chicken and chicken tenders that are delicious. I always enjoy going in there and talking to the employees."
November 18, 2021

2022-01-17 | 20:35:42

"More than helpful. Pleasant atmosphere. Love their meat packages."
November 14, 2021

2022-01-24 | 18:09:26

"I like this grocery much better now that it has become a Horner's. We stop here twice a week for fountain pops after my kids karate practice. Don't do much grocery shopping, but we love the chicken & pizza hot made to order counters! Huge tenderloin sandwich for $5, can't beat it!"
March 13, 2021

2021-04-02 | 19:44:38

"Awesome little place"