Grocery Delivery Service

There aren’t any shortage of chain grocery stores and big box stores around. But there’s a reason Horner’s Market has been expanding and thriving since 1995! It’s because we continue to give our customers a small-town market feel, backed by the freshest products at great prices. Plus, we offer the same services as larger chains, with a personalized feel that’s simply impossible for them to achieve!

Whether you’re stopping in for one of our bulk meat bundles or need bill pay services, we’re happy to help. You’ll always get service with a smile!

Deli and Meat

Our deli and meat department is known across the area as one of the best. Not only do we always supply our customers with choice cuts, we offer bulk meat packs at extremely affordable prices! Our meat bundles come with extensive variety and can be substituted depending on your needs. It’s the perfect option to buy, freeze and et at your convenience.

Love the meat at Horner’s? Ask about our limited catering services for your next event and we’ll be glad to coordinate the details with you.


We’ve got the selection of a big box grocery store, with the capabilities and convenience that only a small-town market can offer you. Ask us about grocery delivery service or call ahead. Or, if you prefer to wander the aisles yourself, you’ll find everything on your list!

Need help with bill pay for utilities or cashier’s checks? Stop in and we’ll be glad to assist. We also offer gift cards and gift certificates, so you can give the gift of fresh food to someone who’s near and dear to you.

Dairy and Produce

Fresh food is the best food, and we stock nothing short of the freshest! Our dairy and produce departments have an extensive selection of staples—from cheese, milk, butter and eggs, to fruits, veggies and leafy greens. We’re the next best thing to the farmer’s market and take pride in providing our shoppers with foods that are good and good for them.

Your Neighborhood Market

Horner’s Market gives you the small-town, friendly market feel you want, with products that are fresh, affordable and downright delicious! Stop in today to do your grocery shopping, pick up a discount meat bundle or to pay a bill—whatever you need, we’re happy to help. Reach us today with any questions you might have.

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