How Do I Cook the Perfect Holiday Ham?

Ham is the main course during the holidays for those who eat pork. If you’re hosting an upcoming holiday gathering, you might be a little stressed about knowing the best way to cook your ham. These are some tips that should help you with its preparation:

Know Which Type of Ham Is Best

Knowing the different types of ham will help you choose which one is best for the group you are cooking. A boneless ham is an ideal choice if you want an easy experience when you carve dinner. Fresh ham is not cured and can be cooked to a juicy perfection.

Country ham has a little dry rub on it, and city ham is brined. Think about the people who will come to your holiday gathering and select your ham type accordingly. 

Season and Glaze Your Ham

Once you have the right type of ham, you’ll want to season and glaze it. Mix up the sugars and spices that you think will taste best on your ham and paint them on the ham with a brush. What are ways to cook the best holiday ham?

Some people use mustard, brown sugar, cinnamon, vinegar, etc. You may want to get a recipe from a relative who has cooked a holiday meal before. Use that information and then add your own personal flair to it. 

Cover Your Ham

You put your ham in the oven to cook once you have a coat of seasoning on it. Sit it on its proper cooking plate, and then get the oven ready to do its job. 

Cook for the Right Amount of Time

A 375-degree temperature is good for cooking ham. You should preheat the oven for about five to 10 minutes before you put the ham in the oven to cook. You will then cook the ham according to its weight and what part of the ham you’re making.

The most extended cooking period is for the hind parts, such as the butt. Different parts can be cooked for less time. However, you should pay careful attention to the food and ensure that you cook it long enough to kill all bacteria in it. 

Sit and Serve

After cooking your ham, you’ll need to let it cool off for a while. The best practice is to allow your ham to cool for at least 15 minutes before serving it to your loved ones. Take the time to say your grace and then enjoy your holiday meal. 

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Now you know exactly how to cook the perfect holiday ham. Don’t wait any longer to go out and get your ham to make a fantastic meal.

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