Everything You Should Know About Meat Spices

It’s true that you can make a tasty meat dish without using too many spices. That said, your meal can be infinitely better if you incorporate spices—you just need to know which ones to use. This helpful post will cover what spices go with what meats, so you won’t be left guessing the next time you’re at the butcher shop.

Beef spices

Between chuck, shank, flank, round, sirloin and ribs, there are tons of different types of beef cuts out there to choose from. Beef cuts all have one thing in common, though: a strong flavor profile. You’ll want herbs and spices that stand up on their own without being overpowered by the beef’s flavor.

We recommend seasonings like onion and garlic, which have a ton of flavor that won’t get lost when cooked with your beef. Either dried or fresh, basil, sage, thyme and oregano are some other spices that complement beef’s flavor. If you don’t mind a little spice, try out a rub with some cayenne in it.

Chicken spices

If beef is on one end of the flavor spectrum, chicken is on the other. Chicken needs plenty of spices to be a world-class dish. The good news is that you can throw nearly any spice on chicken, and it’ll turn out well. When people ask us how to choose spices for their meat, we say grab a little bit of everything if you’re going with chicken.

For a fresh, invigorating taste, try throwing some lemon, lime or orange peel in with your chicken marinade. For herbs, cilantro, rosemary and dill weed are some classics when cooking chicken. If you’re really feeling adventurous, consider putting cinnamon on your baked chicken.

Turkey spices

We typically think of Thanksgiving when we think of turkey, but this tasty bird can be enjoyed all year long if you know how to choose spices for your meat. Turkey is like chicken in that it needs plenty of spices to taste its best—and, like chicken, you can use a wide array of spices.

Sage, rosemary and thyme are old standbys for turkey spices. No turkey dish would be complete without a few dashes of black pepper while it’s cooking and before it’s served. For an Asian-inspired turkey dish, don’t forget the star anise.

Fish spices

Choosing your spices for a seafood dish comes down to what kind of fish you’re preparing. Some fish already have a strong flavor profile, while others need a ton of spices to delight tastebuds.

Lemongrass and oregano are typically great with shellfish, while sage complements trout, flounder and swordfish. Salmon’s strong flavors only require a bit of salt and pepper, but you’ll want to use basil for mahi-mahi or sole.

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