What Fruits and Vegetables Are in Season in Spring?

Springtime is a great time to start incorporating more fresh fruits and veggies into your diet. If you want to buy locally, it is important to know what is in season during spring. Produce is at its freshest and tastiest when you buy fruit and vegetables in season; you will also get the best prices as well. Let’s look at what fruits and vegetables are in season during springtime.

What Produce Is In Season In The Spring?

Arugula- This lettuce, also sometimes called “Rocket” is happy in cool weather. This crop gives a great, flavorful addition to fresh, spring salads.

Carrots- During the spring, carrot farmers will thin their carrot rows, pulling up the immature carrots. These are not wasted, though; they are sold as “True Baby Carrots.” Remember, this is a different product compared to the milled-down baby carrots you see in the grocery store.

Chard- This great cooking green can be harvested year-round, so it is in season during the spring.

Cherries- Cherries are a great sweet treat that is also healthy for you. Cherries can be incorporated into healthy desserts, or eaten alone as a snack. Cherries are often ready for harvest at the end of spring.

Grapefruit- In the areas where this great citrus grows, you can find them in season from January through early summer. Grapefruits abound in California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

Kiwis- This seemingly tropical fruit is harvested in winter and throughout spring. They grow in warmer areas.

Lemons- Nothing is more refreshing than lemon. They are ripe and in season from winter through early summer. Lemons are not only a great addition to your diet, but they can also be used in all-natural cleaning products you can make at home.

Lettuce- Most leafy veggies are in season in cooler weather. Lettuce is in season in winter in warmer areas.

New Potatoes- New potatoes are smaller than traditional potatoes and have thin skin. This makes them a great side dish simply boiled and seasoned with herbs and butter.

Spinach- This superfood comes into season at varied times depending on where it is grown. Check with local growers to get estimates of when you can get this healthy food in season.

Strawberries- Strawberries are always at their best when they are in season and picked locally. Warmer climates like California have a very long strawberry season, January through November. If you don’t live in California and want fresh strawberries, you will need to check with local growers to find out the season in your area. For most of the country, the peak strawberry season is April through June.

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