What Are The Benefits of Buying Local Cheese?

You have likely heard the advice that you should be purchasing your cheese and other dairy products locally. However, you might still not be purchasing your dairy locally because you don’t know why you should be doing it. What are the benefits of local dairy products?

1. You Will Be Supporting the Local Economy

Buying local dairy products means that your money will be going to local farmers. As a result, the local farmers will be earning more money, which they can reinvest in their agriculture. Additionally, the increased earnings mean that local farmers will have more purchasing power; thus, they can buy more goods and food from local retailers. Therefore, local retailers will increase their sales and earn more profits. As a result, the local economy will improve.

2. You Will Have a Smaller Carbon Footprint

If you buy your cheese and other dairy products from local farmers, you will have a smaller carbon footprint. This is because the local dairy products get to you with very little need for transportation. In contrast, dairy products that come from far require a lot of transportation to get to you. This means that a lot of gasoline and diesel will be used, leading to more carbon emissions. If the dairy products you use are imported, it might mean that you would be contributing to the carbon emissions of the ship or plane that transported it to the country and the trucks that got it from the port or airport to your location.

3. You Will Be Getting Fresher Products

Local dairy products will typically get from the farm to you within a day. In contrast, those from far away can take up to several weeks to get to you, depending on how far they travel. Local dairy products are better for your health due to their freshness. You may wonder how is local dairy better for my health? Generally, the fresher a dairy product is, the higher the concentration of nutrients.

4. You Will Be Creating More Local Jobs

As you purchase local dairy products, you will also be creating more jobs. Firstly, the local farmers will have to hire people to distribute their dairy products. Additionally, as the local farmers earn more, they will reinvest more in their agriculture to increase production. This means that they will hire more people to help them with their farming activities.

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