How Do I Choose the Right Steak on Valentine’s Day?

A steak dinner is one of the best-tasting meals to enjoy on special occasions. If you are planning to share a quiet meal with your spouse or a significant other on the annual romantic holiday, you would have a hard time topping a well-cooked steak.

A home-cooked meal also is a terrific way to show your love and admiration for your partner. The presentation also can add to the romantic setting when you include some candles and maybe a bottle of your favorite wine. If you are considering preparing a steak dinner on Feb. 14, the following information could help make it a truly special and memorable meal.

What Type of Steak Do I Choose on Valentine’s Day?

When you know your partner’s favorite steak cut, that would be the one to choose. If you are uncertain but have a favorite of your own, you should try to use that one and share your love for it with your loved one. You also might choose among the four steaks listed below to know which steak will be best for your dinner.

New York Strip

The New York Strip always is a great choice for a steak dinner. The lean and long piece has just enough fat on one end to add some flavor. When cooked properly, the lean cut produces an excellent flavor and juicy texture. You can use a rub, seasoning sauce, and spices to produce the best possible flavor with a New York Strip.

Filet Mignon

The filet mignon is another very popular steak for very good reasons. It is tender, juicy, and full of excellent beef flavor. The succulent cut has no bones and marbleized fat, which adds to the flavorful experience. You could marinate the filet mignon with your favorite sauce and include some on the side for an outstanding dining experience.


The ribeye is another perennial favorite among steak cuts. The ribeye is often roundish, with a thick fat vein running through it. That fat helps to add juice and flavor to the cut and is the “eye” of the ribeye steak. Its location near the rib of the cattle from which it is cut likewise adds to its descriptive name. The steak produces a natural caramelized texture and is especially flavorful when cooked to medium or medium rare.


The sirloin steak comes from the cow’s loin and produces a very tender and juicy cut of beef. It has a thick outer layer of fat and nicely marbleized inner layers of thin fat that greatly add to the cut’s juicy flavor. The sirloin tastes great when cooked anywhere from rare to medium well.

How do I choose the right steak on Valentine’s Day?

Virtually any steak you choose will be the right one when you carefully inspect it before buying. You can stop by Horner’s Midtown Market in Alexandria, IN, for the best local cuts of steak.

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