What Are Some Choices In Sugar Free Hard Candy?

Different,delicious,colorful,candies,as,background,,top,viewWhen it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth without the guilt of consuming excessive sugar, sugar-free hard candies are an excellent choice. These little treats offer the sweetness you crave, but without the negative effects of sugar on your health. Whether you are watching your sugar intake due to dietary restrictions or simply want to make healthier choices, there are many options available in the market today. In this blog post, we will explore some popular choices in sugar-free hard candy and the well-known brands that offer them.

1. Werther’s Original Sugar-Free Hard Candies:

Werther’s Original is a renowned brand famous for its indulgent caramel candies. They have also introduced a fantastic range of sugar-free hard candies that provide the same great taste without the added sugar. With flavors like caramel, coffee, and butterscotch, Werther’s Original Sugar-Free Hard Candies are a delightful choice for a guilt-free treat.

2. Jolly Rancher Sugar-Free Hard Candies:

Jolly Rancher is a well-loved brand known for its vibrant and flavorful hard candies. They have embraced the sugar-free trend by offering a range of delicious sugar-free hard candies. You can find classic Jolly Rancher flavors such as cherry, green apple, watermelon, and more, all without the added sugar. These candies are perfect for those who enjoy intense fruit flavors but want to avoid the sugar content.

3. Life Savers Sugar-Free Hard Candies:

If you are a fan of the iconic Life Savers candies, you would be delighted to know that they have a sugar-free version too. Life Savers Sugar-Free Hard Candies come in a variety of refreshing flavors, including cherry, raspberry, watermelon, and peppermint. These candies are perfect for carrying around in your bag for a quick pick-me-up without the excessive sugar.

4. Russell Stover Sugar-Free Hard Candies:

Known for their delectable chocolates, Russell Stover also offers a selection of sugar-free hard candies. Ranging from classic flavors like butterscotch, cinnamon, and fruit medley, Russell Stover Sugar-Free Hard Candies are a great choice for those looking for a sugar-free alternative to their favorite candies.

5. Dr. John’s Sugar-Free Hard Candies:

Dr. John’s is a brand dedicated to creating sugar-free treats using natural sweeteners like xylitol and stevia. They offer a wide range of sugar-free hard candies that are delicious and better for your teeth. From classic flavors like lemon, lime, and cherry to more unique options like pumpkin spice and cinnamon fire, Dr. John’s Sugar-Free Hard Candies have something for every taste preference.

6. GoLightly Sugar-Free Hard Candies:

GoLightly is a popular brand that specializes in sugar-free candies for individuals with dietary requirements. Their sugar-free hard candies come in various flavors, including fruit, mint, and butter toffee. Made with Splenda as a sugar substitute, GoLightly Sugar-Free Hard Candies offer a tasty and guilt-free option for candy enthusiasts.

7. Brach’s Sugar-Free Hard Candies:

Brach’s is a well-established brand with a wide range of candies, including their sugar-free options. Brach’s Sugar-Free Hard Candies are available in mouthwatering flavors like lemon drops, butterscotch, and fruit discs. These candies are perfect for those looking to satisfy their cravings without worrying about excess sugar consumption.

When selecting sugar-free hard candies, it’s essential to read the labels and be aware of the sugar substitutes used. While sugar-free candies can be a healthier choice, they may still contain calories and have a laxative effect if consumed excessively. It is always best to consume sugar-free candies in moderation as part of a balanced diet.


There are numerous choices available when it comes to sugar-free hard candies. Whether you prefer classic flavors or more unique options, popular brands like Werther’s Original, Jolly Rancher, and Life Savers offer a range of sugar-free alternatives. Russell Stover, Dr. John’s, GoLightly, and Brach’s also provide delicious sugar-free options for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth without the guilt. Remember to enjoy these treats in moderation as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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