The Best Foods to Eat on the Fourth of July

What’s Independence Day without a nice juicy steak, quality hot dogs and grilled hamburgers? It wouldn’t be much of a celebration, if you ask us! At Horner’s Midtown Market, we have everything you need to throw a great backyard barbecue, including our bulk meat orders in Alexandria, IN.

There’s plenty more to eat on the Fourth of July besides meat, of course, but it’s rightfully the star of the show. Here are the best foods you can serve on your holiday—they’re guaranteed to be crowd pleasers.


A great hamburger fresh off the grill is bound to delight your guests. The key to good burgers is to start with quality meat. You can get all the hamburger you need at an affordable price by getting one of our meat bundles—just freeze everything you won’t eat on the Fourth to enjoy later. Dress your burgers up with tomatoes (currently in their peak growing season), lettuce and cheese—whether your tastes trend toward American slices or something with a sharper flavor, we have plenty of options.


Ribs are a classic choice for any barbecue, and they’re even better if you use them as an excuse to break out the smoker. Of course, they’re also messy, so make sure you stock up on plenty of paper towels and napkins for the inevitable spills. Whether you make your own barbecue sauce or prefer your store-bought standby, nothing says summertime like great ribs.

Hot dogs and sausage

Hot dogs are perennially popular, especially if there will be children attending your get-together. Gourmet sausages are also a smart choice for your party. Both are easy to eat while you’re standing around, and you can dress them up (or down) with different fixings—make sure you pick some up with your meat bundle.

Corn on the cob

Speaking of handheld foods, corn on the cob is a seasonal side dish that’s also highly grillable. Grill them in their husks or wrap them in foil with butter, salt and pepper. It’ll be a great vegetable side dish to cut through the richness of your grilled meat.

Potato or egg salad

It wouldn’t be a party without a potato or egg salad, and it seems like everyone has their own patented family recipe. Do you swear by adding mustard or celery, or another secret ingredient altogether? We have everything you need to make these classics, and they can be customized with a number of different flavors and ingredients.

Deviled eggs

Finally, every party needs deviled eggs. It’s a rare party that ends with any deviled eggs left over! Like potato or egg salad, there are dozens of ways you can dress up this convenient snack—we’re partial to adding cooked, chopped bacon to the yolk mixture or crumbled on top for salt and crunch.

If you need to stock up on meat bundles and other groceries in Alexandria, IN, stop by Horner’s Midtown Market today, or give us a call to place your order for a meat bundle.

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