Smart Ideas for Your Next Backyard Party

With summer here and restrictions easing, backyard parties are in full swing once more. Getting your friends and family together for some sunshine, food and drinks is a great way to catch up and enjoy the weather.

As with any party, your food will be the star of the show. Make sure you stop by Horner’s Midtown Market, your local grocery store in Alexandria, IN—we’ve got everything you need to make your party food delicious, affordable and convenient.

Here are some of our best tips for hosting a backyard party:

  • Plan for your guests’ dietary needs: When you send out your invitations, make sure you ask your guests if they have any special dietary needs or restrictions. You never know who’s trying keto or has recently gone vegetarian. Once you know who’s attending and what they need, you can find enough dishes to ensure everyone will have plenty to eat.
  • Get extra seating: There’s never enough seating at a party, so try to wrangle extra chairs as soon as you start planning. You could also spread out big blankets and pillows on the grass.
  • Bust out the big cooler (or borrow one): Having plenty of cold and accessible drinks is crucial for your guests’ enjoyment. You don’t want them going in and out of the house to get to the fridge all night long, so break out a big cooler and have plenty of ice in your freezer.
  • Invest in quality meat: With the exception of plant-based dieters, the meat is usually the star of any backyard party—try one of Horner’s Midtown Market’s meat bundles to keep costs down while still getting great quality.
  • Consider getting pre-made side dishes: To take some of the pressure off your preparations, think about buying pre-made salads, sides and other dishes from your local grocery deli in Alexandria, IN.
  • Plan on a buffet setup: Buffet setups make it easy for people to get to the food as soon as it’s ready, so hot dishes are eaten hot and cold ones stay cool (you might place containers in large bowls of ice).
  • Keep bugs away: Ants in your food or mosquitoes repeatedly attacking you can bring the mood down. Try burning citronella candles or decorating with bouquets of insect-repelling flowers and herbs, like lavender and mint.
  • Create the perfect summertime playlist: A laid-back playlist can set the tone for your backyard party—we’re partial to anything with the word “summer” or “sunshine” in the lyrics. If you don’t have time to make your own, services like Spotify offer pre-made playlists by mood or occasion.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of light: As the sun sets, you should have a lighting plan. Whether that involves fairy lights or a fire pit, being able to navigate your backyard safely is important.
  • Plan activities: Finally, consider putting out lawn games and other entertainment for kids (and kids at heart).

Horner’s Midtown Market has everything you need for your next party—stop by today to shop at your local grocery store in Alexandria, IN!

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