Now Is the Best Time to Stock Up on Meat

Plenty of us enjoy a great burger, steak, roasted chicken or perfectly crispy bacon—but that can take a toll on the wallet, especially when you’re feeding an entire family. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, meat prices have been creeping up as meatpacking facilities have been affected by a labor shortage. That can add a significant chunk to your grocery bill, especially if you’re already financially affected by the pandemic.

Not to worry, however. If the price of beef and other meat has had you cringing over the last few months, you’ll be relieved to know that the price of meat is going back down. That makes it an excellent time to stock up on your everyday staples, especially when you take advantage of our bulk discounted meat bundles in Alexandria, IN.

Why meat prices fluctuate

Meat prices usually fluctuate due to supply and demand—when one part of the supply chain breaks down, meat supply becomes more limited and prices go up. We’ve recently seen this as an effect of the coronavirus pandemic. Many meatpacking facilities were affected by a labor shortage—there simply were not enough people to process meat at the normal rate. There have also been supply chain disruptions in distribution, too. Farmers, drivers and warehouse workers are all frontline workers, so when the virus shuts down their ability to deliver food, prices are affected.

Luckily, experts are seeing a drop in meat prices across the country, particularly with beef. Average prices for large wholesale beef roasts peaked at $4.59 per pound earlier this year, but are quickly dropping back down. Right now, they’re at $2.41 per pound, which is close to June 2019’s $2.22 per pound average. That sounds like cause for celebration—and a good reason to break out the grill again.

Stock up on meat to save money and time

Stocking up on meat is easy when you place a bulk meat order in Alexandria, IN. Horner’s Midtown Market specializes in bulk meat bundles, which are suitable for freezing. It’s a smart way to reduce your trips to the grocery store (particularly crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic) and ensure that you always have meat on hand. Plus, when you buy meat in bulk, you’ll get a discount on the price per pound. With meat prices dropping, this is a great time to place your bulk meat order.

We offer meat bundles with pork, chicken, sausage and beef—you can mix and match types of meat and cuts, and choose the amount that works for you. We have 26 different meat bundles to choose from. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, or you need a cut of meat that we don’t normally carry, talk to us about creating your own custom meat bundle.

Why not get enough meat to feed your entire family for a month or more, and save money in the process? Stop by or reach out to Horner’s Midtown Market to place your bulk meat order in Alexandria, IN today.

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