Why Fresh Turkey Is the Best Bet for Your Thanksgiving Feast

Turkey is the centerpiece of any Thanksgiving meal, but it can often seem like it doesn’t receive as much attention as stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and the rest of the holiday’s classic sides. To many, turkey is just a vehicle for delivering more gravy. One reason might be that frozen turkey tends to end up dry with a chewy texture that makes it hard to slice beautifully.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. This year, give turkey a chance by purchasing a fresh bird from your reliable local grocery store in Alexandria, IN, Horner’s Midtown Market.


When you think of grocery store turkey, you probably think of a frozen bird. It might feel easier to deal with something that’s frozen, but frozen turkeys come with more work. For one thing, you should never defrost a turkey at room temperature. It’s safer and better for the meat to defrost in the refrigerator rather than on the counter. So, if you were hoping to save space in the fridge by keeping your turkey in the freezer, you’ll have to rethink your plan this holiday. If you have a frozen bird, be sure to remember to transfer it to the refrigerator a couple days before Thanksgiving.


One difference you may notice in cooking a fresh versus a frozen turkey is that fresh birds hold onto moisture more than frozen. Frozen turkey tends to take longer to cook than a fresh turkey, and can end up being dry. Fresh turkey will most likely take a little less time to cook, and it will also hold onto moisture better, making for more tender and delicious meat on your Thanksgiving table. Fresh turkey is the way to go when you want a flavorful, moist and tender bird. No matter what kind of turkey you buy, make sure to cook it until its internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.


Fresh turkey also tends to be easier to slice once it is cooked. The meat has a more tender, less stringy texture compared to frozen turkey, which can be chewy and ropy after it is cooked. Sometimes, this is because a frozen turkey has been partially thawed and then refrozen, which can affect the quality of the meat and lead to a less appealing texture in the finished bird. Find a fresh turkey at the grocery store and you don’t need to worry about these issues. Fresh turkey will maintain a more consistent, smooth and tender texture that is easier to slice and won’t shred when you try to cut it.

Pick up your turkey today!

You might think it’s too hard to find a fresh turkey in Alexandria, IN, and it would be easier to just opt for frozen. But some grocery stores carry the highest-quality turkey, kept fresh instead of frozen. At Horner’s Midtown Market, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or convenience. Be sure to check out our options for delivery to make your Thanksgiving holiday grocery shopping even easier!

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