Having Lobster for Dinner? Make Sure to Choose Indiana’s Seasonal Winter Produce for Your Sides!

Winter is here to stay for at least a while longer. That means colder temperatures along with snow and ice. While you might be tired of the weather, you can still mix things up at the dinner table. There’s plenty of winter produce that’s in season despite the plummeting temperatures. Root vegetables like squash, beets and carrots are all good choices.

And pretty much any side dish pairs well with meat bundles from Horner’s Midtown Market in Alexandria, IN. All our meat bundle packs are freezer wrapped and packaged as-is. Whether you’re planning for an event or just want to stock up, our meat bundles are a great choice.

Today we’ll be looking at lobster dinners that will keep your whole family happy during these winter months.

Lobster tails steamed in beer

Don’t overthink this—these are all good words. This is a fast and easy way to cook lobster. Bring half a can of beer to boil in a saucepan, then split two lobster shells lengthwise and drop them in a steamer basket on top of the saucepan. Lower the heat, let it simmer for eight minutes and you’re on your way to lobster heaven.

Blanch some green beans—which are in season all year long—to serve as a side dish.

Classic surf and turf

Pair your lobster tails with some delectable cuts of filet mignon. Be sure to order your frozen lobster early, then defrost it in the fridge the night before you plan to cook it. It’s best to cook the filet mignon on the stovetop, then transfer to the oven. Your favorite beer or wine will pair perfectly with this meal, whether it’s a Chardonnay or a bottle of craft brew.

Roast potatoes in olive oil with rosemary and garlic to complete a meal your family won’t be able to resist.

Lobster Colorado

This twist on surf and turf is a decadent dish involving filet mignon cuts wrapped in bacon, then topped with lobster meat. Wrap a few cuts of the steak in bacon, then broil at 500 degrees for about eight minutes for a medium rare steak. Then cook the chopped, seasoned lobster meat in butter on the stovetop over medium heat.

Glaze baby carrots with a bit of brown sugar as a perfect complement. The combination will make a tasty dish that you’re sure to remember for a long time.

Lobster macaroni and cheese

It’s time to elevate classic macaroni and cheese by adding delicious lobster. There are many ways to make this dish. One method is to cook the lobster on the stovetop while putting the macaroni and cheese in the oven so it gets that crispy, crunchy top.

You may want to try mashed potatoes with this dish for the ultimate in comfort food.

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