Steak Dinner for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day plans will likely look a little different this year. Instead of heading out to a crowded restaurant, you may be considering what kind of nice meals you can make at home. Steak is a great choice—it elevates the meal over your average night, can be cooked in myriad ways and is quick to get on the table. You don’t have to venture out to a steakhouse to have perfectly cooked, delicious steak.

When it comes to where you should buy that steak, you’ll likely be heading to a grocery store in Alexandria, IN. Horner’s Midtown Market carries everything from fresh meats and cheeses to fresh produce and carry-out meals. Read on to find out some of our favorite ways to cook steak.


This is a bone-in steak cut from a beef cow’s short loin. It has that classic T-shaped bone cut and a larger portion of tenderloin, weighing in at around two pounds. You’ll want to season the porterhouse generously. It’s best enjoyed grilled, broiled or pan seared.


This is also known as a Delmonico or Spencer steak. It’s a boneless cut from the beef cow’s ribs and is marbled with fat. That makes it one of the juiciest cuts, while also having a high level of chewiness. Season it liberally with salt and pepper. You may also add a dry rub of herbs and spices as well. This cut should be cooked quickly on high, dry heat until it’s about medium rare.

Hanger steak

This comes from a hanging muscle supporting the beef cow’s diaphragm and does not have any bone. It appears similar to flank steak. You’ll want to marinate this cut, then cook it quickly. It’s best grilled or barbecued. Cut hanger steak thinly against the grain. This is a flavorful cut that’s known as a “butcher’s choice.”

New York strip

This is a boneless steak with a good amount of fat marbling. It’s known for its tenderness and flavor. It’s one of the best steaks for cooking at a high heat with a sear-to-broiler method.

Filet mignon

This is the lean, smaller end of the tenderloin. This cut is very tender, with minimal fat marbling and a mild flavor. A thick cut of filet mignon is perfect for stovetop-to-oven cooking. Popular serving methods include a balsamic glaze or a mushroom Cabernet gravy.

The next time you’re looking for meat bundles in Alexandria, IN, check out Horner’s Midtown Market. We’re known for having the freshest, choicest cuts around, along with our reasonably priced meat bundles. Beyond that, our dairy and produce sections offer tremendous selection and plenty of staples to make your next meal especially delicious.

Horner’s Midtown Market’s deli is also one of the best in the area, with sliced and shaved meats and cheeses, along with salads, slaws and so much more. Next time you’re looking for something special to make for a special occasion, including Valentine’s Day and other holidays, come see us or call ahead to learn about our specials.

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