How to Pick Fresh Produce

More people are eating fresh fruits and vegetables than even just a few years ago, and this likely includes you and your family. When choosing your own fresh produce in Alexandria, IN, here’s what to look for to make sure it will taste the best and stay fresh for as long as you need.

General veggie picking tips

When choosing vegetables in Orestes, IN, you need to use more than just your eyes. Yes, you want to make sure vegetables look bright and vibrant, with minimal blemishes or overripe areas, but your eyes won’t be tasting this food. Produce is made to look appealing, but that isn’t always the best indicator of how it will taste.

Since it’s frowned upon to randomly take bites of produce in the market, try doing the next best thing to determine how it will taste in your kitchen: smell it. The nose knows when something will be full of flavor or if it’s bland or past its prime. Don’t be afraid to smell fruits or veggies at the market to get a sense of how they will cook up in your favorite recipe.

How to pick the perfect tomato

Let’s use tomatoes as an example of how to choose fresh produce in Alexandria, IN. When it comes to tomatoes, there’s a plethora to choose from. Whether you need Roma, beefsteak, hothouse, heirloom or any other variety, you want to make sure the tomato will be ripe and bursting with flavor. Here’s how to tell if tomatoes are ready to eat.

Start with your eyes. Look for tomatoes that are smooth, with unwrinkled skin. That’s a sign that they’ve spent too long away from the vine and they will not have as much flavor as others. Look for a vibrant color, like a voluptuous red lipstick (unless you’re choosing an heirloom variety, in which case it can be just about any color under the sun). Avoid tomatoes that are dull or pale. Black or brown spots on an otherwise solid-colored tomato may indicate that it’s starting to turn and will not last very long in your kitchen.

Next, use your sense of touch. Gently squeeze the tomato to see if it’s firm and plump. Too squishy means it’s overripe and will not be very flavorful or will start to decay very soon after you bring it home. Too firm, and the tomato is not ripe, meaning it will be more acidic and may be mealy and flavorless.

Finally, use your sense of smell. Take a whiff of the fruit at its stem. It should smell sweet and earthy, like the tomato plant itself. The more pungent the tomato, the stronger the flavor it will have when you cook with it.

The best way to make sure you choose the best produce is to shop at a grocery store that prides itself on quality. When you’re looking for the best fresh produce in Orestes, IN, pay a visit to Horner’s Midtown Market today. We can help you pick out produce that’s sure to taste great, no matter what recipe you have in mind.

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