Answers to Your Pressing Questions About Deli Meat

The deli department is one of the most exciting places to visit in a grocery store. There’s enticing prepared foods, helpful sandwich engineers and a plethora of cured meats and delicious cheeses waiting for you behind the deli counter. And it’s all there for you at your beck and call.

But what if you have limited experiencing shopping for deli meat, and have some questions about how it works? You can certainly ask the helpful staff, but it’s also nice to know some of the answers to the more common questions in advance to help you prepare for your shopping trip.

Here are answers to a couple of the most common deli questions we hear.

How much should I get?

The answer here, like anything relating to food quantities, is, “It depends.” It depends on many factors, including how hungry your guests may be and what you’re going to use it for. When it comes to sliced meats and cheeses, there are a few guidelines that may be helpful.

For sliced meats and cheeses for sandwiches, a general rule is that 1 pound of meat will be enough to make five to six sandwiches. As far as cheese goes, 1 pound of cheese should be enough for 10 to 11 sandwiches. Now, a teenage boy may require a different ratio, but that’s part of the “it depends” mantra. And don’t forget to get a few extra slices for snacking, because let’s face it: That’s an unavoidable inevitability.

For a charcuterie board, you can assume that the portions per person do not need to be as large, as this will not be the main course. You will probably be safe with 1 pound of meat and 1 pound of cheese here. Crackers will help make this amount go a long way, too.

How should it be sliced?

One of the best things about getting meats and cheeses from the deli is that you can customize how it’s sliced. Maybe you want a thick slice of ham for ham and eggs, or maybe you want thinly-sliced, shaved turkey for sandwiches—it’s all up to you. And don’t hesitate to ask for a sample to test the thickness for yourself.

The thickness number on the deli slicer will vary from deli to deli, but there are some guidelines you can go by for slicing meat. For example, a setting of between one and six is usually considered thin, which is great for charcuterie boards. For sandwiches, between eight and 14 is medium thickness and will work well. For salads and skewers, between 15 and 20 is thick and should be fine.

It’s not possible to cut the cheese as thin as meat, as it will get caught in the slicer when it gets too thin, but it is possible to customize the thickness of your cheese slices. Again, don’t forget to ask for a sample just to make sure!

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