Does Buying Meat in Bulk Save Money?

Everyone is looking for ways to save money these days—except, that is, for certain space-bound billionaires who seem to be looking for more and more incredulous ways to spend it. But for the rest of us, simple approaches like buying in bulk can lead to some serious savings—and that includes buying in bulk from the meat department.

Meat is getting increasingly more expensive, as you may have noticed on your grocery bills, but there are ways to keep your grocery budget in check and still keep meat on the menu. One of those ways is to buy in bulk and take advantage of any freezer space you have.

Here are some ways to make the most out of buying in bulk from the meat department.

Shop the sales

Sometimes you will notice that a meat department has a weekly sale going on for a cut of meat that you and your family regularly like to eat. If you’ve got the freezer space available, it is a good idea to buy this in bulk to take advantage of the savings. Depending on how deep the discount is and how often this meat finds its way into your family’s meals, you may want to really stock up.

For example, if your family eats a lot of chicken, keep an eye on what cuts are on sale. If it’s something that’s easy to freeze and defrost (like boneless, skinless breasts), then it might be a good idea to stock up. If there’s a cut of beef that you enjoy at a good discount, buy a few pieces, and freeze what you’re not going to cook soon for a later date. Pork chops also do well in the freezer, both bone-in and boneless.

Ask for freezer prep

If you want to buy in bulk, you can usually ask your butcher to wrap the meat for the freezer. They will often be able to accommodate this by wrapping your meat extra tightly with as few air pockets as possible. If you’re getting multiple steaks or pork chops, you may be able to get an extra sheet of plastic put between them for easier defrosting later.

Ground meat does great in the freezer. Instead of the oblong shape ground meat is usually packaged in, ask your butcher to flatten out the package a bit for easier defrosting later. You can also buy prepackaged ground meat and transfer it into freezer bags at home in whatever size and shape works for you.

Do some meal prep

Sometimes you can prep your meat while it’s fresh for easier defrosting and cooking later. For example, if you’re looking to make stir fry with that bunch of beef or chicken you got on sale, you might consider cutting it up in advance before freezing it to make the cooking process faster and easier.

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