What Are the Benefits of Buying Local Meat?

Buying local meat is almost always better than purchasing from big chain factories. There are many benefits to buying local, including that you’ll save money and help support your local community.

Wondering, “Are there health benefits of buying meat locally?” Local meat can actually be much healthier, which we cover in greater detail below.

Read on if you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of buying local meat.

Giving business to your local butcher

One of the major benefits of buying local meat is you’re helping support the little guy. Spending money at your local butcher instead of purchasing from a large company helps keep money within your community.

By buying locally, you can support a person and their family instead of big business interests. Local farms and butchers also hire locally, meaning you’ll support jobs by purchasing their products. Buying locally can help people in your own community pay their bills and other necessities.

Saving money

When asking, “What are the benefits of buying local meat?” many people wonder if it costs more. In fact, buying locally can often help you save money. Shipping food across the county is expensive, especially these days. You can save on those shipping costs by buying meat from your local grocery store or butcher instead. Buying locally helps ensure you get the best price on meat.

Local meat is often healthier

So are there health benefits of buying meat locally? Actually, yes. Finding a local farm that specializes in organic meat and eggs is often easy. Simply do a quick search of the farms in your area. Buying from a farm that specializes in organic products will ensure you’re getting meat free from hormones and other chemicals.

The animals are often treated better

Animals from local farms are well cared for. That’s because local farmers see their animals as more than a product. Local farmers also care about the quality of their meat, and healthy animals always produce the best meat.

Fewer trips to the store

Buying from a local farm allows you to buy meat in bulk. At many butchers, you can purchase one fourth of an entire cow. Store the meat in a freezer, and you’ll have plenty of food all year long, thus saving you trips to the grocery store.

Finding local meat

Now that you know there are health benefits of buying meat locally, make the switch. If you normally purchase brand-name meat, switching to local may seem challenging; however, you can easily find local meat at many grocery stores. Simply check the package for information on where the meat came from. You could also search for any local butchers in your area. Butchers almost always source their meat from nearby locations.

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