How to Eat More Local Food in the New Year

Many people have decided to make the switch to local groceries with the arrival of the new year. This is a great goal, as eating locally comes with many benefits. What are the benefits of eating locally in 2022? For starters, it helps support the local community and is often better for one’s health, to name just two big benefits.

Read on if you’re interested in learning how to eat more local meat and fresh produce in the new year.

Visit local restaurants

Support the local economy by eating at local restaurants instead of always going to chain places. Eating your meals at local restaurants means you’re giving your money to a local business owner. That money also goes to supporting that restaurant’s cooks, waitstaff and any other employees.

One of the benefits you can enjoy from eating locally in 2022 is that local restaurants often purchase food from local vendors. That means you’re always getting the freshest meat, fruits and vegetables.

Go to stores that carry local products

If you want to know how to eat more local in the new year, simply visit a store that carries local food products. Many grocery stores feature a local food section, where you can easily find the freshest meats, dairy products and much more. If you’re unsure of whether a food product is local or not, simply check the package. You could also ask the workers at the deli counter where they get their meat.

You could also do some research on the meat and produce available at your local grocery stores. Find out some information on local farms, and see if they specialize in organic produce and meats. This is one of the best ways of determining if the food you eat features hormones and chemicals.

Visit your local butcher

One of the best places to get local meat is a local butcher. Buying from a local butcher helps ensure you get the freshest meats at a fair price. As with eating at a local restaurant, buying from a local butcher means supporting your community. You’re helping this person pay their employees and keep their business open. Not only that, but buying from a local butcher helps them support their own families.

Engage with the local community

Attend local farmer’s markets and similar events to pick up food directly from the farmers themselves. Purchasing food from a local farmer’s market is a great way of ensuring you get a lot of great food at low prices. This is because you can often purchase fruit and vegetables from farmers in bulk at farmer’s markets.

Visit Horner’s Midtown Market

Now that you know some of the benefits of eating locally in 2022, visit Horner’s Midtown Market today. We offer plenty of options when it comes to local food, including meats, dairy products, eggs and more. You can be sure you’re getting a fair price on all your groceries from Horner’s Midtown Market. Call early, so we can prepare your groceries for pickup.

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